Connect with our highly qualified audience of senior scientists and researchers through educational webinars. For the scientist, webinars are free to attend. For your brand webinars are a pipeline of qualified, active leads.

Sponsorship includes:
• Turnkey execution: Cell Press produces and administers the entire event
• Topic selection in consultation with Cell Press editors, based on the latest research and technology to align with your objectives
• Presentations delivered by top scientists from around the world
• Choose from audio or video formats.
• Comprehensive marketing campaign to maximize brand exposure, registration, and attendance, including promotion in Cell Press Email Alerts, typically reaching over 50,000 opt-in subscribers
• Post-event reporting so you can follow up with registrants

Educational Webinars deliver top notch Lead Generation and better ROI with our powerful solutions. We will work with you to align content & audiences to generate maximum interest. The recorded webinar will be available on demand at Cell.com, meaning your audience will continue to grow long after the event takes place.

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Cell Press is delighted to bring you opportunities to generate leads by connecting your brand with our highly qualified audience.

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